Cruising Instructor Training

Club Yachting’s Cruising Instructor training takes place over three weeks and is Module 4 of our Yachtmaster Fast Track course.

Unlike most other schools we run our Cruising Instructor over three weeks, with each practical week six days long.

Module 3 – Cruising Instructor

(Pre-requisites – Yachtmaster Offshore, medical: ML5 or ENG1)

Included with this module is your 1 day Sea Survival course.  For your commercial endorsement you will also need a medical (ML5 or ENG1).  If you do not have one then we can arrange for you to get an ML5 locally.

During the Module you will be continually debriefed by our team of permanent Instructors on a daily basis detailing your progress – the good skills and the areas needing improvement.  All training is discussed with our principle Andy Williams (himself an RYA / MCA Examiner for Sail, Motor and Powerboat as well as Yachtmaster Ocean).

Week 1 - Cruising Instructor Course

During this week you will be taught how to teach.  Participants in RYA courses come from many different backgrounds and have diverse aspirations.  Instructors therefore need a multitude of skills which they can adapt to the type of boat and the strengths and weaknesses of their students.  You will be taught to teach the RYA’s Competent Crew and Day Skipper courses (sail) or Helmsman and Day Skipper courses (Motor).

The week will be divided up into a number of areas:

  • All about the RYA, contents of the courses, teaching styles and debriefing
  • Practical content of the courses and suggestions on how to teach them
  • Assessment on your theoretical knowledge of navigation, tides etc (you will be expected to be able to teach the contents on the Day Skipper theory course, and therefore we expect you to have the knowledge of Yachtmaster theory)
  • On the last day you will swop Instructors and Andy our principle will give you an independent assessment.  He will be looking at your general suitability for instruction as well as specific skills

Week 2 - Continuation Training

Over the years feedback to Club Yachting often said that new Cruising Instructors found that they were a bit “in at the deep end” – therefore we introduced our three week course.  During this week you will gain the experience of teaching real students (rather than each other as in the first week) with one our experienced Yachtmaster Instructors alongside to assist you as required – but you will be doing the teaching of the Competent Crew or Day Skipper course (Helmsman and Day Skipper for Motor).

Week 3 – Your final week!

During the final week you will go out with some of Club Yachting’s clients – but with another of our school yachts close by.  Advice will therefore be close at hand, and also the chance to talk over your day (and plans for the morrow) over a beer in the evening.

The Cruising Instructor course normally takes place on our Hanse 400e or Sun Odyssey 39i.  As usual with Club Yachting the following is included:

  • Transfers from and to Tenerife South Airport;
  • Bedding and towels;
  • Meals on board the boat (breakfast and lunch, and 2 evening meals;
  • Accommodation on board the boat through the course,.

All you have to pay for are: flights, travel insurance, evening meals ashore.

Note 1: You have to pass week one to move on to week 2, and week 2 in order to teach for us.

Note 2: Your First Aid certificate is only valid for three years from date of issue (5 years for STCW First Aid).  As you need to always have a current certificate to be a Cruising instructor we ask you to bring the certificate with you.  If it has expired we can arrange this course while you are with us.